Camille Lemoine, WordPress web designer in montreal

Hey, I’m Camille; I design author websites.

I design and develop sleek and modern WordPress websites, primarily for professionals in the publishing business at the moment, but new clients are welcome.

I’m bilingual and happy to work either in English or French.

That’s my job, that’s what I do

Visual branding

I make you look good! Together we find the palette, the tone, the font that best sell your brand.

UX & UI design

I turn visitors into customers by designing simple, straightforward content that maximizes interaction and engagement.

WordPress dark arts

I provide technical solutions to your business needs with custom catalogs, e-commerce platforms, booking applications…


Are you in the publishing business? So am I, and I have specific solutions for you.

Meet my clients!

From hedge funds to best-selling authors: thirteen years spent building websites.

From 2009 to 2016, I worked primarily for Parisian finance companies (hedge funds and M&A boutiques.) For them, I learned to address the technical challenge of data visualization, and juggle with often stringent regulations.

After moving to Canada and switching to writing fiction as my “half-day” job, I developed a new clientele in the publishing business. These days, my clients are authors, editors, audiobook narrators, or small publishers, all looking to promote their brand, interact with their audience, and market their titles or services as simply and efficiently as possible.

A bit of backstory…

I’ve lived in Paris and Tokyo, and somehow landed in Montreal, among enterprising squirrels and fellow French expatriates. I studied Law and Advertising in France, only to end up spending the first ten years of my career as a web designer and developer, and later, as the CTO of a small advertising agency. I know, life is weird like that.

When I’m not coding I happen to live a double life as an author of commercial fiction published primarily in the US (No, seriously.) I have a developer husband who sucks at design but knows a lot more about coding than I do, and a 2 years, 5 months, and 27 days old* daughter who’s obsessed with Babybel cheese and squirrels.

*Yes, that’s a script. I’m way too lazy to update this on a regular basis.

Camille Lemoine, WordPress web designer in montreal