Boy, I’ve been around, and I’ve seen things…

A hybrid author of zany romantic suspense and equally dubious fantasy, I’ve been traditionally and self-published since 2015. Over the past nine years, I’ve written and published nine books with varying degrees of success. I’ve hit the Amazon best-seller list and sold over 200,000 books; my books are translated in three countries, and I’ve built a small readers base, but I’ve also experienced my share of rejections and failure.

I guess I’m your typical mid-tier author, made by my personal and creative choices but also by whatever good luck I ran into along the way. I don’t always do everything by the book (is there even one?) and I probably won’t have enough of a lifetime to learn everything there is to know about this ever-changing business of ours, but I do think I know a thing or two about it.

Not sure where to start? My job is to equip you with the tools and processes to self-publish a book.

Successfully turning a manuscript into an actual book is a costly, lengthy and at times overwhelming process, that requires juggling countless tools and platforms simultaneously.

My job is to guide indie authors with a step-by-step process and the indispensable practical and technical knowledge required to self-publishing a book.

How well you juggle those tools and the order in which you take each step will largely determine whether your book gets any traction or lands in the Amazon store to the sound of crickets chirping. That’s where I come in: I help you check off each item on our to-do list in the most time and cost-efficient manner, so as to maximize every dollar you invest into your book.

How do I get a cover done? How do I make sure it’s a good one? How and where do I distribute ARCs? How do I advertise my title? What’s worth paying for, and what’s not? During our one-hour coaching sessions, I answer your questions, and help you build a solid release plan, from perfectly formatted files to marketing and distribution.

I was losing my mind trying to build my author page and figure out my book launch when Camille showed up and rescued me! Not only did she create a gorgeous website but her one-on-one coaching saved me hours of time and kept me from making a bunch of rookie mistakes. I can’t recommend Camille highly enough. She’s a wealth of knowledge and talent. Definitely someone you want on your team.”

D. Liebhart, author of House on Fire